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Windy City Storm Announce "Project V" Partnership with Elevate

By WCS Staff, 10/28/20, 5:00PM CDT



Wednesday, October 28th, 2020

ARLINGTON HEIGHTS, IL - - Elevate Physical Therapy and Performance Training Center, located at 147 W Rand Road in Arlington Heights, is a state-of-the-art facility that offers expert physical therapy and rehabilitative services.  Elevate is teaming up with Chicago Young Americans for injury prevention and to maximize the team’s strength, conditioning and performance.


The CYA players will have access to scientifically proven sports medicine services such as the 3D Motion Analysis Lab, the High-Altitude Training Room and the Alter G Anti-gravity Treadmill. Elevate will perform gait analysis using 3D motion software to identify each athlete’s biomechanics and address any possible weakness. The Elevate team will then provide functional movement training to take this athlete to a new level of performance and fitness. 


Athletes will also have access to Elevate’s High Altitude Training Room. Elevate features the first high altitude training center in the Midwest. Training at altitude can produce a number of positive responses in the body for both endurance and strength. Training in hypoxic environments improves VO2 Max, metabolism and an improved blood buffering system.


CYA enters this partnership to create “Project V”, a complete sports science division that will track and monitor every athlete’s development as they matriculate through the Chicago Young Americans program. CYA will have hundreds of data points (On and Off-Ice) that will be used to monitor the movements of players within the program.


CYA Hockey Director Ryan Ward says “The Chicago Young Americans and Windy City Storm are ecstatic to announce the commencement of Project V. Project V is going to re-define the player development process for young athletes all over North America. This partnership with Elevate is another step forward for the new era of the Windy City Storm and CYA Hockey.”


The CYA program will benefit from working with Elevate’s team of physical therapists to develop comprehensive training programs and unparalleled recovery treatments to expedite return to play.


Jaime and her husband Marc Ginsberg are the owners of Elevate Physical Therapy and are residents of Arlington Heights. Jaime Ginsberg is a licensed physical therapist who has been practicing for twenty years. She received her Doctorate of Physical Therapy from The Chicago Medical School/FUHS. Previously, Jaime and Marc owned Body Werks Physical Therapy also in Arlington Heights.  Body Werks grew to be the largest clinic in Illinois. Together they have completed a combined 30 marathons, 5 Ironman Triathlons, and countless races.


“Jaime and I have always supported and pushed each other to accomplish our goals,” says Marc Ginsberg, a 15-year certified personal trainer. “We’ve worked really hard to create a one-of-a-kind training facility with some of the most sophisticated equipment available so we can provide an optimal experience for others and help them achieve success.”


“If I’ve come to believe one thing, it’s that the sky’s the limit for the human body,” says Jaime Ginsberg. “Whether it’s helping my patients rehab from an injury or surgery, it’s just incredible  to see what the human body can accomplish!”


To make an appointment or find out more about Elevate, visit their website at